Lhoyer Project

June 21 2020: I recorded a guiding track for the second block of the Quartet, measures 18-58. It is mostly part 4, with a few notes from part three where necessary. These extra notes will be removed in the edit.

Please note that in the Andante / Theme the repeats are played. In Varation 1 and the following variations the repeats are omitted!

On Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/saraswati-6/block-2-v5-21062020-1356

To download and play in your browser click here.

To download the audio as a .zip click here.

I scanned all the parts, I will send a link in an email.

OOPS! I made a mistake. The recording(s) below contain four extra Gs at the beginning. That is half a measure. I will re-record and post a new version today. Apologies, my BAD!

The (new) ‘guiding file’ for the Adagio is now available. To download it, please click on the one of the links below. It consists of part four, plus a few extra notes to make bridging some gaps easier.

Here is the new video for the Adagio, part four.

On Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/saraswati-6/adagio-jva-v2-11062020-1600

To download as a .zip click here.

To open in browser click here.

Here you can download the score of Air Varié et Dialogué